Guy Penrod and Sarah Darling duet “What I Know About Heaven” is a balm for broken hearts

One of the most painful losses a person can experience is that of a loved one. Healing takes time, patience and understanding, but one resource for people experiencing loss is knowing they are not alone. For many people, that is what this song provides.

Regardless of your beliefs, Guy Penrod and Sarah Darling’s performance of “What I Know About Heaven” is a soothing balm for those who have experienced loss. You will want to keep a box of tissues handy for this song.

While this song will probably bring tears to your eyes, not all of those tears will be sad ones. “What I Know About Heaven” is also a song about joy, a song that fills the listener with a sense of hope.

“I listen to this song everytime i start missing my loved ones,” said one commenter. “It brings me comfort!” But the power of the song comes not only from the lyrics but from the two talented singers taking center stage.

Guy Penrod was a popular Christian and Southern Gospel singer known for his rich, resonant voice, and Sarah Darling was a well-established country singer who was particularly popular in the UK.

While Guy Penrod is fantastic in his performance alone, the two of them singing together will send chills down the arms of anyone who appreciates good music and talented performers.

Whether you have lost a loved one yourself or want to take a moment to listen to two talented performers, Guy Penrod and Sarah Darling’s performance of “What I Know About Heaven” is a good fit for you.

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