Guapacharros unassumingly tantalizing ‘AGT’ choreography mesmerizes Heidi Klum

Guapacharros on ‘America’s Got Talant’

The element of surprise is one of the most significant traits of a terrific act. In a world-renowned talent competition that is ‘America’s Got Talent’, with hundreds of talented performers, it is the thing that makes you noticeable.

When it comes to Guapacharros, a group of 7 young men from Mexico City, no one expected the act they eventually pulled off. They were so convincing that Sofía Vergara excitedly announced: “Canta Los charros!” which loosely translates in “The singing cowboys!”

Guapacharros also played the whole situation very innocently. The only implication that something might be a bit different was their explanation of what they are going to perform, which was: “We will do what Guapacharros can do.”

Guapacharros on ‘America’s Got Talant’

And they did, for the first thirty seconds of the act, they danced and sang in an exceptionally well-executed tradition of Mexican performers. Their strong voices cut through the music, and their dance steps excited the audience, except for Simon Cowell, who looked somewhat bewildered at the situation.

However, in a sudden 180-degree turn, being full-on representers of Mexican culture got pushed on the sidelines by a much spicier side of Guapacharros with a ‘Magic Mike’ reference.

The seven men in tight-fitting pants and oversized Sombreros pulled their shirts off, exposing their ripped upper bodies to the audience and, most noticeably, Heidi Klum and Sofía Vergara.

They continued with increasingly more seductive moves full of “we might undress a bit more” moments that made the unexpected development even more memorable and earned them four yeses.

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