Group of seniors performs the world’s oldest flash mob

An elderly group of people surprise everyone with a flash mob

In an outdoor public area between a few stores, there are tons of people walking around going about their day. Suddenly music starts playing on the speakers. A well-dressed senior struts out to the middle of the open area.

A few people begin to notice the elderly lady tearing up the dance floor. Soon enough everyone has wide smiles on their faces and pulls their phones out.

The rest of her group joins her on the dance floor. They surround her and fill the rest of the open space. There is a lady in a wheelchair who is near the front as well.

An elderly group of people surprise everyone with a flash mob

Each and every one of them in the flash mob is senior. Their routine shows their well-practiced choreography and reveals how spry they are. They are having a great time dancing to the music.

With their energetic and sharp dance moves the seniors show that age is just a number, they can still have a good time shaking their bodies to upbeat music.

The people-watching cheer them on and a few even dance in place while others continue to capture the heartwarming moment. Everyone is just having a good time.

They finish their performance raising their hands in the air and then they disperse, disappearing into the crowd as if nothing happened. The audience gives them hearty applause for their incredible performance.

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