Groomsmen shock audience with traditional irish dance

Instead of sticking to the routine wedding day traditions, a bride and groom from County Derry decided to give their audience a moment they would never forget.

A couple wanted to add a signature moment to their wedding festivities, so the groom reconnected with his former dance troupe, leading to a performance the audience would never forget.

The eight groomsmen performed traditional Irish dancing in front of their stunned onlookers, with many wedding guests cheering and taking video to capture the showstopping routine.

The groom shined brightest in the center of the dance floor, starting the dance with a brief solo before being joined by his dance mates.

Although the groomsmen starred in the performance, the idea was first hatched by the bride, who convinced her husband-to-be to put on the show.

The wedding couple, from Derry County, delighted their guests with a brilliant homage to their Irish heritage and a dance routine that will be talked about for years.

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Groomsmen shock audience with traditional irish dance