Greg Morton Wows AGT Fans in With His Impossibly-Realistic Voice Impressions

Allow Comedic Genius Greg Morton to Amaze You with His Voice Overs.

Forty years of entertaining have given the incredible Greg Morton fantastic comedic range and a series of impressions that are only topped by his over-the-top facial expressions.

Greg’s love and enthusiasm for his art are felt by each and every onlooker as he takes to the stage in chase of his dream – performing on-stage in Las Vegas. No one could take their eyes off the rubber-faced cheery comedian as he brought the whole hall into stitches.

From gargling and gurgling in the voice of acclaimed characters like Gollum to imitating more movies that most fans can list, this is a multi-talented personality indeed.

From the moment that his voice cried out the call of a T-Rex straight out of ‘Jurassic Park’ to the culmination as an unforgettable imitation ‘Gandalf’ call out “Thou Shalt Not Pass” we all loved him.

Each of the four judges was captivated by Morton’s manic antics. Howie began to describe just how much he enjoyed Greg’s imitation of his very own voice-over, ‘Gizmo’, saying “First of all, you know I’m a huge fan and you maybe even a bigger fan because you know you did me, right? I’m Gizmo from ‘Gremlins.’ It’s me, and you did me perfectly.

Guest judge Ellie Kemper was just as blown away, adding” I love that it was like an In Memoriam — you know, the sequence that they show when people have died at the Oscars — but upbeat and at lightning speed. It was just brilliant.”

Morton’s range of impressions is so popular that fans around the world began to run TV trivia challenges covering his work. Even ‘AGT’ got in on the action, posing a challenge to fans on social media.

It seems there is no one that Morton can’t impersonate. Gregg’s classics like the ‘Tin Man’ from ‘Wizard of Oz’, and his family-friendly ‘Snakes on a Plane’ rendition won over the audience, but that’s not all he is capable of! ‘Thor’, ‘Groot’, and ‘Rocket’ are just a few of the impromptu voices he’s managed to pull out during interviews.

Greg Morton Wows AGT Fans in With His Impossibly-Realistic Voice Impressions