‘Grandpa Tell Me Bout the Good Old Days’ country cover by Dave Fenley

Dave Fenley has appeared on America’s Got Talent and most recently on Season 15 of The Voice, where he won the hearts of judges and viewers alike with his deep country voice and seasoned guitar skills. A country boy at heart, Dave grew up in East Texas, where he sang at his southern baptist church. Dave’s father also sang and taught his son all of the classic country songs.

Dave takes us back to his roots in this video as he covers ‘Grandpa (Tell Me Bout the Good Old Days).’ The nostalgic video opens with an old black and white photograph of a couple. Next to it sits a candle, and the camera cuts to Dave as he sits on a porch strumming his old guitar and singing.

The next scene shows a family sitting together and looking at old photographs of a simpler time: the family smiles and laughs.

Viewers respond emotionally to the video, and Fenley thanks them for the overwhelming response. He explains that initially, he was sharing this song because society has strayed so far from the values held by previous generations.

“I long for the days where we loved more than we fought. I love this song. I hope you do too,” says Dave.

Many other listeners share about loved ones they’ve lost and miss. This song and video also touch the hearts of those who miss their parents and grandparents.

Dave continues to “spread love like peanut butter” as he encourages others to share and uplift each other. His music is so much more than just songs.

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\'Grandpa Tell Me Bout the Good Old Days\' country cover by Dave Fenley