Gospel Singing ‘Voice’ Contestant From Texas Has Kelly Clarkson Going Nuts

Does Rose Rise to the Occasion in ‘The Voice’s’ Blind Auditions With Her Pick “Preach’ by John Legend?

Rose Short is an ex-corrections officer & vocal artist who happens to be from Kelly Clarkson’s hometown region. Yet, it was well before finding out this fact that Kelly fell in love with this songbird.

Rose had barely started the chorus when Kelly decided that she had heard enough, striking the buzzer and turning her chair. As Rose’s sweet soulful sound rang out, finishing the sound, Kelly was quick to warn the other coaches not to turn – this was a star she wanted badly.

Next up to turn was Gwen, having held her hand just atop her buzzer for most of Rose’s song. With joy apparent upon her face, Rose Short was left with two chairs turned. John Legend may not have picked her, but this artist and her back-stage family couldn’t have been happier.

Gwen was absolutely blown away by Rose, saying “Your voice is ridiculous. Honestly, there’s a lot of talented people that come through that have spectacular voices, but the way that you started so low and controlled and giving us a little bit at a time of your talent was really tasteful.”

Blake and John both clearly enjoyed Rose Short’s performance of “Preach,” but Gwen & Kelly seemed the better match. Despite Kelly ending her plea by telling Rose, “You should be in the finale. You could win this show,” the star still went with her heart.

With all eagerly awaiting her words, Rose Short shared her decision saying, “I been rockin’ with this lady – she didn’t even know it – since the beginning. Gwen Stefani.” We can’t wait to see which direction ‘Team Gwen’ goes with this amazing singer.

Watch Rose Short Take on John Legend’s Song “Preach” Turning Two Chairs – Who Will She Pick?

Gospel Singing \'Voice\' Contestant From Texas Has Kelly Clarkson Going Nuts