Goofy Performer’s Musical Love Story Has ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Judges in Stitches

A Mime With a Twist, a Kick and a Twirl and Fitting Music Clips Have the Crowd in Stitches – Brittan’s Got Talent.

One thing about the got talent franchise is that one sometimes gets entertained with incredible talents which supersedes the requirement of singing. A great example of this is the performance of one Ricky K, in Britain’s Got Talent series of 2014. Dressed in a very 60s style suit, with or extraordinary characteristic of being red, with a bright yellow artificial flower on the lapel of his coat. From the moment he enters the stage, it was clear that Ricky K is not a singer.

During this total performance, the only words that he utters is “this is a fairytale of love.” Then starts a deep voice manly voice, as voice over in the background, announcing that this is a story about love when a guy meets a girl in a bar. As is often the intro to some of the “bar” jokes, the crowd starts chuckling. When the voiceover-man says that the guy walked over to the girl Ricky K very animatedly walks forward. When Lionel Richie’s “Hello” and the performer mimes the words within, “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”, his joke was out. Ricky K’s a mime.

However, it is clear from the start that this performance will go far beyond the traditional, silly efforts to entertain through mining. With very cleverly arranged sound clips from popular songs, very apt but overly exaggerated gestures Ricky K tells his story. Not only is his body movement fluent, he bedazzles the crowd with great dancing routines. What else adds a perfect punch to this excellent physical performance is the multitude of facial expressions the artist uses to tell the story and that without a mask.

Being performed still in the years of Simon Cowell’s grumpy mood era, even he could not hold back a big smile already halfway through the performance. The performance can probably be described as one of the most jam-packed of joy and laughter ones on this Got Talent stage ever. Even after all of these years, this clip will stay a must-see.

Goofy Performer’s Musical Love Story Has ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Judges in Stitches