Catch All Five ‘Golden Buzzer’ Acts From AGT Season 13

There comes a time ones or twice in television history when a show simply takes over the airwaves. Call it timing or call it talent.  “America’s Got Talent” is at the right place at the right time. It’s a global phenomenon and the ratings are HUGE.

Every Tuesday night we tune in to watch. It’s part circus, part movie, part musical, and all fun. You can hear and feel the excitement when the lights go down and the acts begin.

The stakes for the contestants are high as it’s  “winner takes all”. Each act competes for the chance to advance to the live shows in Las Vegas along with a 1 million dollar grand prize… not to mention permanent world-wide fame and name recognition.

These acts in the video below earned the vaunted “Golden Buzzer”, meaning they were so good that they get to skip any further auditions and “judge cuts” and go directly to the live shows coming this Fall.

2018 turned out to be a phenomenal year for performances on “America’s Got Talent”. Anyone who has been a long-time fan will tell you there’s something special about this season. The level of talent is incredibly high, the likes of which we don’t normally see on amateur talent shows.

Don’t take my word for it. Jump right in and catch up with what’s been happening on AGT right now. These are stars in the making.

Catch All Five \'Golden Buzzer\' Acts From AGT Season 13