Gloriously good Christmas harmonies from famed vocal group ‘Straight No Chaser’

Straight No Chaser put on a fantastic performance for their song ‘Christmas Show.’ The music video starts with a man and a woman walking into the living room. On the couch, a small dog is waiting for them.

Straight No Chaser

They are pouring out wine, and there is a bowl of popcorn in front of them. The living room is decorated with holiday-themed pillows, and there is a Christmas tree across from them.

It is a warm scene of fun and laughter. The woman wears a red dress, and the man has a grey shirt and a bowtie. They sit on the couch and watch Straight No Chaser on their tv.

Straight No Chaser

On stage, the nine singers of the a cappella group take their places. Red and white lights dance around them as they start to sing, dance, and snap. In the living room, the woman and man dance together.

The singers of Straight No Chaser are wearing red shirts under their black coats. Their voices are phenomenal, and they harmonize beautifully. Meanwhile, the dog watches his friends dance.

Straight No Chaser

Everyone’s dancing is impeccable. The choreography is lively and fun, and the singers have big smiles on their faces throughout the entire performance. Their voices carry a sweet and spirited tune.

At the end of the song, the man and woman sit back down on the couch while the singers of Straight No Chaser exit the stage as the lights fade out.

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Gloriously good Christmas harmonies from famed vocal group \'Straight No Chaser\'