Global Sensation Jonathan Antoine Gives Goosebumps Singing ‘Caruso’

Jonathan Antoine rewards us with a hauntingly beautiful rendition of ‘Caruso’ written in dedication to the late great Italian tenor Enrico Caruso. With emotion and strength matching its timeless tribute, and a truly one of a kind sound, the young headliner delivers a triumphant performance.

In a phenomenal showcase of range and control, Jonathan Antoine took ‘Caruso’ and claimed it as his own. The typically-somber song is imbued with power that shook the stage while captivating listeners with a rich tone & flawless Italian.

His feeling for the song shines through, elevating the piece with stunning vocals and touching interpretation throughout. It’s an arrangement that highlights not only his mastery of the operatic arts but the depth that Jonathan’s solo vocals indeed hold.

There’s no questioning just how much Jonathan’s evolved since wowing the world on Britain’s Got Talent. He was good then and is even better now. In combination with an orchestra like this, suited to his caliber, you truly don’t get better.

Global Sensation Jonathan Antoine Gives Goosebumps Singing \'Caruso\'