Gentri Gives Thanks With Heartwarming Rendition of “Because You Loved Me”

There are certain people that we meet in our lives who change who we are as individuals. Some of the most influential people that we’ll ever come in contact with are our parents. They’re known for being reliable, selfless, and braver than we will ever know.

The popular Christian singing group, Gentri, is familiar with the love of a father. They’re known for singing covers of hit worship songs, and usually have a visually stunning music video to go with whichever tune they’re singing.

This time, Gentri took a secular classic from Celine Dion called “Because You Loved Me.” The gentlemen focused on the never-ending and unconditional love of a parent for their cover. Their smooth harmonies and flawless vocals tug at your heartstrings effortlessly.

Singer Jay Warren joins the gifted three-piece for this powerful performance. Each word is filled with heart, soul, and undeniable compassion for those who have made them who they are today. It’s something we don’t understand until we become parents ourselves, and then it’s suddenly all-too-familiar.