Fun and entertaining pirate song by country group

Country singing group Home Free delights in this performance of the entertaining pirate song ‘Sea Shanty.’

It was a fun change of pace for Home Free, which stepped away briefly from country-styled acapella songs and into the world of pirates.

Performing the classic song ‘Sea Shanty,’ the band members had fun embodying the personas of their pirate alter egos. Some really got into the role with full costumes and props.

Although it was a lot of fun to play and create on camera, there were also many stellar musical performances within the song. Home Free is a group of considerable talent, which was on full display.

Overall, this was an enjoyable shift for the band and an opportunity for the band members to have some fun and connect with their fans in a different way.

It will be interesting to see what the band comes up with next, although it will certainly be entertaining. They give nothing less.

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Fun and entertaining pirate song by country group