French Teen Singing ‘Stromae’ Breaks Into A Beat That Has Coaches Jamming Along

It’s not often that a contestant has the guts to sing something in their native tongue instead of globally recognizable English. Yet, that’s exactly what little Lou Jean did to prove her massive voice. For her The Voice Kids France audition, Lou picked ‘Stromae’ by Carmen, and we’re all glad that she did, especially Team Jenifer becoming one artist stronger.

Twelve-year-old Lou has it all. From the right attitude to the resonating richness of her voice – everything screams superstar. While most French listeners will definitely know the song and its words, the rest of the world will recognise it by its tune, falling in to with Lou’s voice after just a few bars.

This songbird has been singing since the age of seven, and it sure shows. The confidence that Lou Jean commands is nothing short of astounding, guaranteeing that the audience is both hanging on each note and glued to her performance onstage. The French hit ‘Stromae’ by Carmen is infused with such energy and emotion, that it’ll become a favorite regardless of whether you understand the words.