Fred DeCordova’s Exit and Johnny’s Unappreciated Jokes, Circa 1983

When Comedy Was King and Johnny Carson Sat on the Throne

In the cherished annals of late-night television, one might stumble upon a delightful nugget from 1983. In a ‘Carson Tonight Show’ episode, Johnny Carson, with his characteristic wit, attempted to make a comedic foray into the life of an upcoming celebrity. Embedded in the video below, we find him discussing the then news that Brooke Shields was to be part of Princeton University’s freshman class.

A Joke Lands, But Not as Expected

With a twinkle in his eye, Johnny jokes about Shields studying high-tech, ensuring she could always secure employment. As he jests about her potentially compromised social life, the laughter that usually punctuates his humour is eerily absent. His punchline about the impracticalities of a college romance involving Brooke and her mother, met with silence, rings out like a clarion in the night.

Of Impromptu Departures and the Spirit of Live Television

Fred DeCordova, the show’s producer, then made a spontaneous gesture that has since been immortalised in television history. Johnny’s joke, met with less than favourable reception, prompted DeCordova to momentarily abandon his post. His departure, steeped in humour and camaraderie, was a testament to the live, unpredictable nature of the show.

Reflections of a Bygone Era

This episode, a mere snapshot of the Carson-era Tonight Show, encapsulates the charm and spontaneity that endeared Johnny to millions. His quick wit, coupled with the intimate rapport he shared with his colleagues, painted a picture of an era when late-night television was as unpredictable as it was captivating. To see Johnny in action, attempting to tickle the funny bone of his audience, is to be whisked back to a time when laughter was the nightly prescription, and he was our most trusted pharmacist.

It’s a delightful walk down memory lane, one that we hope you will undertake by watching the video. Because, in the end, our shared past is but a collection of such moments, made all the more special by our collective recollection. Do not forget to share the laughter with your loved ones.

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Fred DeCordova\'s Exit and Johnny\'s Unappreciated Jokes, Circa 1983