Four grandmas surprise the judges of Britain’s Got Talent with their tap dancing

Four grandmas tap dancing on BGT

The Cocooners are a group of tap-dancing grandmas who won the hearts of everyone watching Britain’s Got Talent. The four of them came onto the stage wearing regular everyday outfits, and they walked out in their shiny silvery one-pieces.

Before starting their performance, they each stood on their own platform. The platform then rose a few feet from the ground. Even then, people didn’t know what to expect from the happy seniors.

Then the upbeat and energetic music began. All four women took off their clothes, and underneath them, they were wearing a bright silver outfit. They began to tap-dance on their respective platforms.

Four grandmas tap dancing on BGT

The women danced full of energy and speed. Everyone clapped along to the sound of their tap-dancing shoes. None of them missed a beat, and they smiled the entire time.

Electrifying the room, the Cocooners tapped on their platforms like there was no tomorrow. Age was just a number to them, and they really impressed the judges.

On top of their pedestals, they struck a pose when the song ended. After their performance, the judges took their time to give them compliments. It was no surprise that they got four yeses.

The four women who make up the Cocooners are Michelle, 63 years old, Heather is 70, Maxine is 75, and Lyn is 80. It was amazing to watch them perform.

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