Four adorable sisters sing their love of Jesus in this beautiful song

The Detty Sisters

These four adorable sisters are singing for the Lord in their beautiful rendition of “Oh How I Love Jesus.” The girls’ angelic voices remind us of how great it is to sing in His name.

The Detty Sisters is made up of Peyton, Cadie, Lily, and Sophia. The southern Ohio girl group mainly sings Christian songs, Southern gospel, and Worship music. They started singing from a very young age.

According to the official The Detty Sisters website, the first song that Peyton and Cadie sang was “Can’t Cross the Bloodline.” And that was at two and four years old, respectively.

The Detty Sisters

For The Detty Sisters and family, singing and worshipping the Lord through music is their calling. For them performing at home or at church is no different than what they do online.

The performance of these adorable southern Christian girls opens up in a lush field. One of the sisters sings her love for Jesus with a broad smile as she sits on a swing full of flowers.

She is then accompanied by her three other sisters and the mother. They all sing across the fields in various scenes with a southern twang, claiming their deep love for Jesus.

The beautiful and family-oriented performance by The Detty Sisters ends just as it started. With the smallest of them gracing us with her presence and a broad smile as she proudly says, “O how I love Jesus because he first loved me!”

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