Former ‘Got Talent’ Winner Auditions For ‘The Voice’ And Blows Everyone Away

“You always wonder whatever becomes of kids who audition and perform on reality show competitions. Did they ever make it, or did they just end up working a regular job just to pay the bills eventually?

The world was first introduced to Jack Vidgen in 2011 on the stage of the fifth season of Australia’s Got Talent. The fourteen-year-old’s rich voice wowed everyone each and every performance. His performance of Whitney Houston’s power ballad “I Have Nothing” went viral on YouTube. The video has over 65 million views and counting.

You would assume Jack would be on top of the world after he took home first place on the show, but that was sadly not the case. He moved to Los Angeles when he was sixteen and ended up on the other side of the world, separated from most of his friends and family.

The now twenty-two-year-old singer opened up to the judges about that difficult time in his life: “I went over there, and I just think I hit a lot of road blocks, and I got exposed to a lot of things that I just don’t think was great to be exposed to at that age. It’s really scary to be alone and hit rock bottom.”

He wants to help others through what he experienced. He continued, “”I want to share my narrative through singing and music and writing…It’s showing the beautiful parts of pain, that’s what I want to do in life.””

For his blind audition, Jack chose “Hello,” a song made famous by Adele. He started the song out slowly, almost at half tempo than what most people are used to for the song. The judges weren’t quite sure what to think at first and sat contemplating the voice they heard behind them.

As he finished the first verse, Jack paused briefly before hitting the chorus. When he powerfully hit the first few words of the chorus, “Hello from the outside,” the crowd broke into wild cheers and applause immediately. The judges started slamming their buzzers to turn around to see who this unique, gritty voice belonged to.

It was obvious that Jack poured everything he had into his performance. It was so impressive that it moved all four judges to turn their chairs for him. With his choice of mentor to pick from, the very enthusiastic Jack chose to join Guy Sebastian’s team.

It’s so good to see Jack Vidgen on stage again. He looks more comfortable and confident than ever.”

Former ‘Got Talent’ Winner Auditions For \'The Voice\' And Blows Everyone Away