I ‘Fly to Paradise’ when I hear Sarah Brightman’s powerful voice

'Fly to Paradise' by Sarah Brightman

The British classical crossover soprano Sarah Brightman managed to deliver a stunning performance of ‘Fly to Paradise’ as she sang in the HYMN IN CONCERT. Her electrical execution of the song has received great reviews.

Like a siren, Sarah Brightman’s voice attracts anyone who hears it and, in this case, transports them to paradise. The British singer began her career as a dancer, and it shows in her mannerisms.

Brightman manages to move in an ethereal manner as the instrumental portion of the song sets in. She closes her eyes and twists in small circles on stage while the background singers provide an almost angelic tune.

I 'Fly to Paradise' by Sarah Brightman

As she continues to sing, her beautifully unique voice pops up. Sarah Brightman’s singing style can mix the operatic dimension of her soprano voice while also producing a contemporary pop sound.

Clad in a stunning sparkly black dress, Sarah Brightman moves her arms in a flying motion. If she could, she would rise on stage in the form of a singing angel. Alas, only her voice can do it for her.

The brilliant musical performance by Sarah Brightman has gained more than three million views and has almost 30 thousand likes on YouTube. Viewers have praised the emotional singer for her excellent singing of ‘Fly to Paradise.’

One exceptionally moved commentator mentioned that Brightman’s voice was so warm that it transported her to paradise, an excellent pun that rings of truthfulness as the tune does precisely that.

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I \'Fly to Paradise\' when I hear Sarah Brightman\'s powerful voice