Flawless “I Saw the Light” At-Home Cover From Country Sensation Josh Turner

Hank Williams is one of those country stars that people who don’t even like country music will listen to. He has a charm and a pizazz that can catch just about anyone’s attention. Josh Turner is turning out to be a younger version of the iconic country superstar.

Josh may have original music that he releases, but he also sings incredible covers. Although Turner is somewhat new to the industry with his first gospel album released in 2018, you can hear his gospel roots.

While staying safe at home, he’s been performing one impressive cover after another, including Hank Williams’ “I Saw The Light.” This classic tune is all about turning your life around and making positive changes.

We may never know the future or how certain things will pan out, but we can put our hope in a higher power that does. It’s always important to remember that there is light through dark times, and music like this can help get you through.