Father and sons have fun in latest dance challenge

The McFarlands get their dad to help with this amazing “The Weeknd Dance Challenge”. The looks on their faces really make this worth watching over and over again.

There’s nothing like a good dance challenge, and TikTok has made them more popular than ever. When “The Weeknd Dance Challenge” became popular on the platform, so many people were working on their choreography and getting to it.

This challenge requires a snippet of the instrumental from The Weeknd’s song ‘Blinding Lights’, which is uptempo and sounds like a song you might have heard in the 80s. It’s such a fun song to dance to.

Which is exactly why it caught on. In this video, the popular McFarland boys get their dad to join in on the fun, as the challenge requires 3 people. After some encouragement and an enthusiastic “The world needs you!”, their dad decides that he can do this after all.

Their dance starts with them running down their stairs, and then getting into formation in their driveway. Dad is, of course, front and center. As the music starts and they begin the fancy footwork, the looks on their faces make it so entertaining.

Finally, when the music ends, the two McFarlands lift their dad into the air with triumphant grins. It’s great to watch them all working together and to see how much fun they’re having.


Reply to @nichpao Only because the bloopers are better that the actual video 😂 #yearontiktok #fyp #dan

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Father and sons have fun in latest dance challenge