Father and daughter sings one of the best covers of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’

Father and daughter duet of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’

The Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Intermountain Area invited Mat and Savannah Shaw to perform for them. Right in front of the charity’s house, they take their seats for the performance.

In the front yard, there is a small playground, a frog statue, and a statue of a turtle. It is a place made for kids, because the foundation’s mission is to help ill or injured children.

Savannah Shaw’s sister Pennie Jean was sick a few years ago, and the charity stepped in to help them. They were a rainbow during that difficult time which is why they decided to sing ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ for their performance.

Father and daughter duet of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’

Mat and Savannah’s voices come together to create one of the most beautiful versions of the classic song. As they sing, images of the families the charity has helped flash like a slideshow.

The trees dance with the wind, listening to the beautiful music being played around them. With clear skies and a cool breeze, it couldn’t be a better day.

Their performance ends with them singing together in perfect harmony, big smiles on their faces. Everyone’s hearts are full of love and kindness.

Savannah talks about how the song was actually the first song she ever learned. It always had a special place in her life. They are thankful to have been given an opportunity to show their love to the charity.

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