Experience the soul-stirring magic of Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s “Break Every Chain” at Passion City Church

The video below will transport you to a different era and time filled with energy and excitement. It is a performance that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired, and it’s no surprise that it has gained millions of views on YouTube. The video captures a live performance of Tasha Cobbs Leonard singing “Break Every Chain” at Passion City Church, and it is truly an unforgettable experience.

The performance took place in 2013, a time when America was on the brink of change. The country was still reeling from the financial crisis of 2008, but there was a sense of optimism in the air. It was a time of change, of innovation, and of hope. People were looking for something to believe in, and Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s performance provided just that.

As the video begins, the audience can be seen clapping and swaying to the beat of the music. The energy is infectious, and it’s impossible not to feel caught up in the moment. Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s voice is powerful and soulful, and it fills the church with a sense of joy and passion.

The song “Break Every Chain” is a powerful gospel anthem that speaks to the idea of breaking free from the chains that bind us. It is a song filled with hope and encouragement, reminding us that we have the strength to overcome any obstacle that comes our way. The lyrics are simple yet powerful and resonate with people from all walks of life.

But what makes this performance truly special is the emotion that Tasha Cobbs Leonard brings to the song. Her voice is raw and authentic, and you can tell that she is singing from the depths of her soul. It is a performance that is both uplifting and emotional, and it’s no wonder that it has resonated with so many people.

Tasha Cobbs Leonard is a talented artist with a powerful and soulful voice. She is known for her gospel music and has won numerous awards for her work. But many fans may not know that she started out as a background singer for various artists before she became a solo artist. Her journey to success was not easy, but it is a testament to her perseverance and dedication.

As you watch the video, you can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia for a time when things were simpler and music was a way to connect with people on a deeper level. The video captures the essence of Americana and nostalgia and reminds us of music’s power to bring people together.

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Experience the soul-stirring magic of Tasha Cobbs Leonard\'s \