Passion leads an entire audience in singing worship with an emotional rendition of ‘Way Maker’

live audience singing emotional rendition of ‘Way Maker’

The contemporary worship band Passion with Kristian Stanfill, Kari Jobe, and Cody Carnes lend their voices in an emotional interpretation of ‘Way Maker.’ The performance was part of a live Passion concert.

The Christian singers powerfully control the audience in this vibrant presentation. Everyone present seems to be moved by one emotion. And as the song says, they are all there worshiping through the power of music.

Emotional rendition of ‘Way Maker’

Passion alongside their three featuring artists is sharing the message of God through their live concert. All the voices present, including those of the audience, unite in belting out the words of glory.

‘Way Maker’ was written by the critically acclaimed Nigerian gospel singer Sinach. She became the first Nigerian to win a Dove Award by the Gospel Music Association with the song.

Many Christian music artists have covered Sinach’s song, and it has also gained her the highest spot on the CCLI because’ Way Maker’ has been used many times in churches.

live audience singing emotional rendition of ‘Way Maker’

The six-minute live performance of ‘Way Maker’ by Passion has gained them more than six million views on YouTube. Their cover of the song has positive reviews from many of their fans.

A fan of the song indicates that she loves their version so much that she listens to it every day before reading her Bible. It is not enough to say that fans adore this rendition of ‘Way Maker.’

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