English Mother-Son Duo Join Forces for Inspiring Cover of Andra Day’s ‘Rise Up’

Jordan Rabjohn has an impressive voice — the kind of impressive that gets you onto “X Factor” and makes your videos go viral. But the young Englishman has always insisted his mum’s voice is even better, and to prove it, the two put out a gorgeous cover of Andra Day’s “Rise Up.”

Jordan kicks off the pair’s latest duet with a showcase of his falsetto range. His mum, Katherine Hallam, adds her soulful voice to the equation, and the two begin trading lines and harmonizing like longtime bandmates. They have, after all, known each other Jordan’s whole life.

In the middle of the song, the pair hold up signs reading, “This goes out to anyone feeling blue during these difficult times!” and “We will rise up!” It’s not the duo’s first performance together. They’ve also teamed up for covers of “Whole New World” and “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.”

Andra Day wrote “Rise Up,” which was released on her debut album in 2015 and nominated for a Grammy in 2016. The song quickly became an anthem of empowerment and hope for causes around the world.