Elvis Presley Rings In 1977 With ‘Auld Lang Syne’ Performance

“When Elvis was on tour in 1976, the superstar artist performed a New Year’s Eve concert at the Civic Centre Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In typical Elvis style, he was dressed in a white open-necked jumpsuit complete with silver studs and wide, studded belt. The live concert was recorded and released as an album called, “Elvis New Year’s Eve”.

When the clock struck midnight, Elvis treated the audience to his rendition of the traditional New Year’s Eve song, “Auld Lang Syne”. The mega-talented artist croons the ballad with his beautiful, mellow voice. The atmosphere is electric, and you can hear the crowd joining in.

Attributed to the Scottish poet, Robert Burns, the song started as a poem, and the melody of a popular folk song was added at a later date. It is sung as a way to farewell the old year and celebrates the arrival of the new year. It also remembers past friendships.

The crowd burst into loud cheering at the end of the song and above their revelry, Elvis can be heard giving them all his best wishes. “Happy New Year, everybody. Have a fantastic New Year,” proclaimed The King.

There is sadness around the video because this was Elvis’s very last New Year’s Eve. He passed away not long after, in 1977. But it is also a heart-warming glimpse at the great singer because he was able to spend his last New Year’s Eve loved and adored by his legion of fans.

Play the video clip below to hear this rare recording of Elvis singing, “Auld Lang Syne”. ”



Elvis Presley Rings In 1977 With \'Auld Lang Syne\' Performance