It’s Been Over 3 Decades Since Ellen First Did Stand-Up On Carson’s Tonight Show

Everyone wants to be on Ellen at some point, right? Ellen Degeneres is one of the hottest commodities in entertainment today and loves to bring out the happiness in the world around us.

Ellen has been a comedienne for decades. In fact, she first did stand-up on network television in November 1986. Even more impressive, her first appearance was on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. What a memory that would be.

Thankfully, we have a clip of this unknown gal who would go on to be among the uber-famous in entertainment. Her stand up was almost innocent but quirky. Her conversation with God will have you giggling for sure.

Enjoy this humorous clip of Ellen literally at her very beginning. So young and new to the scene, with that sparkle in her eyes – she knew she was destined for greatness.