“Elfin John” And His Disco-Loving Pals Will Have You In Stitches With This Hilarious Sketch

For Americans in the late 1960s and 70s, there was no better Saturday night pastime than settling down to watch the characters on The Carol Burnett Show strut their stuff. And this “Cinderella”-inspired bit has to be their best performance ever.

This spoof features Carol Burnett herself as a dowdy Cinderella, Vicki Lawrence as her evil mother, The Pointer Sisters as the conniving step-sisters, Harvey Korman as her beefed-up fairy godmother, and Tim Conway as none other than “Elfin John” himself. With a cast like that, there’s no way this spoof won’t have you in stitches from start to end.

Featuring the most expensive set and costuming in the history of the show, this skit has it all – feather boas, platform boots, and bell bottoms galore. But what really has us laughing is Conway’s spot on Elton John impersonation.

As the cast of hooligans converges for a night of dancing at the palace ball-turned-disco night, we can hardly contain our laughter. It’s no wonder this skit won an Emmy for “outstanding achievement.”