“Don’t Worry Be Happy” Gets Creative Remake From Church

With many people staying inside to keep their families happy and healthy, folks are coming up with unique ways to entertain themselves. Victory Family Church members use their creativity to bring a smile to others, and it’s working.

We all know the classic uplifting song, “Don’t Worry Be Happy.” It’s originally by Bobby McFerrin, but these church members give him a run for his money. Each member is remotely at their own homes for this particular cover song.

Using only things found in their kitchen’s, they create an a cappella rendition of this joyful tune. Keeping a beat on a pot, playing the spoons, or slamming the oven closed, these individuals are genuinely making the song their own.

When it’s time to sing, the gifted men and women of Victory Family Church come together virtually. Their harmonies, stunning vocals, and lighthearted nature make this even more lovable. We hope they release many more cover songs in the future.