Dolly Parton performs a fantastic rendition of ‘Great Balls of Fire’

Dolly Parton delivers sensational routine for ‘Great Balls of Fire’

When Dolly Parton takes the stage to sing a song, you know that you are going to see a sensational performance that you will remember for the rest of your life.

This is true whether she is singing one of her original songs or performing a cover rendition of another iconic classic. For example, when she takes the stage to perform the Jerry Lee Lewis hit, ‘Great Balls of Fire.’

At first, it may seem to be an odd pairing – one is universally loved as one of the queens of country music, while the other was a rock and roll icon from the 1960s known for his high-energy performances.

Dolly Parton delivers sensational routine for ‘Great Balls of Fire’

Still, there is nothing that is outside of Dolly Parton’s range, and she proves that with a beautiful rendition of ‘Great Balls of Fire’ that will have you dancing and smiling all the way through.

Watching her dance to the music and deliver the instantly recognizable lyrics from the song is a sight to behold. She sings with her trademark country sound and a smile that draws in the audience.

And with lights surrounding her onstage, the entire performance is designed to highlight her as a solo artist. There is no band on the stage, nobody else to distract the eye from her rendition.

Dolly Parton has spent her incredible career turning audiences into lifelong fans with her indelible charm and delightful performances. Her cover of ‘Great Balls of Fire’ is worth watching any fan of the country music legend.

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