Dolly Parton and Leslie Jordan collaborate on country hit ‘Company’s Comin’’

Leslie Jordan gushes over encounter with Dolly Parton

Leslie Jordan gushes over his encounter with Dolly Parton after the two get together for gospel country music collaboration.

Being in the same setting as country music legend Dolly Parton is quite an honor. For Leslie Jordan, it was no different. He could barely conceal his excitement for working with Parton on his newly released song, ‘Where The Soul Never Dies’.

The song is part of his recent album, ‘Companys Comin’. A famous actor, writer, and singer, Jordan is credited for his role in some of the best box office hits like the ‘American Horror Story’.

Leslie Jordan gushes over encounter with Dolly Parton

When asked about his experience working with the country music star, Jordan described it as a breathless moment, ‘I couldn’t even breath’. But how can we blame him for his reaction? We’d probably have a similar reaction.

Both stars were born in Tennessee and they make quite the perfect duo. Initially, Jordan was performing gospel duets with Travis Howard. The reception was great for their viewers so he decided to collaborate with Parton.

Jordan released the uplifting music with the hope that the listeners will get comfort. With more than thirty thousand views, we can all agree that the reception to the country gospel hit is quite impressive.

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