Detroit Youth Choir Gets Golden Buzzer on AGT and Brings Tery Crews To Tears

There’s No Holding In the Emotion After Listening to the Soulful Sounds of This Youth Choir in the ‘AGT’ Finale.

There’s no stopping the Detroit Youth Choir from raising the roof with their vibrant, in-your-face performance of the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hit “Can’t Hold Us.” These young stars have the whole room gripped from the moment that the 62 members stepped on stage.

Performing in perfect unison with timing and harmony that few acts can compare to, this youth choir has once again wowed the world with their rendition of a fast-paced pop culture classic.

Simon Cowell loved the performance, pointing out just how strong their showing was by saying “I don’t see a choir, I see a group of individuals who throughout this competition have done everything with enthusiasm, talent, friendship, and personality. You mean so much to us. This is going to be such a tough competition tonight.”

Thanking the conductor of this brilliant choir, judge Julianne Howe said “There really is no ceiling for you guys. That was unbelievable. Mr. White, thank you so much, especially in the final, giving every single one of them a chance to shine and have moments. You all had specific moments, and then you came together, and you took us to a whole new level.”

Gabrielle Union was happy to share “You represented all the excellence that are in so many people that get overlooked and cast to the side and what can happen when you recognize that you are excellent from birth. And sometimes it’s just a little bit of extra love and attention, and if we give it to all our kids, all of you can shine and you guys shined so bright on that stage.”

Overwhelmed but overjoyed, Howie added “There are no words. What you do is amazing.”

Support was strong from across the world, with even their competition from South Africa – the Ndlovu Youth Choir encouraging and wishing them well on social media.

There have been few hotter acts ever seen on the ‘AGT’ stage than the collaboration of the Detroit Youth Choir, the Ndlovu Youth Choir, Kygo, and Macklemore. Electric and unforgettable, this is one you can’t miss.

Detroit Youth Choir Gets Golden Buzzer on AGT and Brings Tery Crews To Tears