Danielle Bradbery again performs Carrie Underwood’s hit song, “Jesus Take the Wheel”

Hearing Danielle Bradbery sing “Jesus Take the Wheel” without music changes it from a ballad to a heart-wrenching prayer.

Danielle Bradbery is a talented singer with a powerful voice. A life-long admirer of Carrie Underwood, she performed one of her songs on ‘The Voice.’

In 2013, Danielle sang the crowd’s favorite ballad, “Jesus Take the Wheel,” in a Knockout Round, winning the fourth season of the competition.

Now recording’ stairwell sessions’ of different favorite songs, Danielle chose the Grand Ole Opry stairwell, with its unique acoustics, to sing this emotional, prayerful ballad.

Danielle stated that the Opry was a “magical place.” She was excited to record this song in the stairwell, which showcased her powerful voice.

Danielle Bradbery won Season 4 of ‘The Voice’ at 16, making her the show’s youngest winner. She still considers Carrie Underwood to be her inspiration.

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