Dancing Grannies Crack Up Audience As They Get Low to Nightclub Hits

The typical grandparent might not have patience for those young whippersnappers’ music, but these dancing grannies aren’t typical. These nine grannies and one grandpa whipped, nae-naed, and got low with the best of them during their talent show appearance.

The 10 participants shuffled onto the stage slowly, adorned in floral dresses, shawls, and sweaters. One had a walker, another a wheelchair, and several others canes. But the joke was on the audience when the music began.

As Flo Rida’s “Low” came over the intercom, two grannies stepped up from their seats, clutching their backs as if struggling to walk. Seconds later, they were shaking their tail feathers and getting low. The next two shuffled out on their canes before starting to whip and nae-nae like pros. Next was Rihanna’s “Work,” featuring one performer lifting her walker over her head, and the lone grandpa showing off his lindy hops to dance hit “Wobble.”

Last but not least, one granny pushed out another in a wheelchair, who acted confused and shocked as she watched her friend shake her booty. The audience, meanwhile, seemed unanimous in its approval, cheering loudly as the seniors shuffled back offstage.