Dancers Perform Mesmerizing Drill Routine to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

The Black Diamonds, an Australian dance team, brought Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” to life in the most colorful way. Their leotards had a kaleidoscope of colors on one side and were solid black on the other. The bright orange fans, crafted from feathers, flapped and fluttered while creating a visual experience like no other.

The team’s vivid costumes, combined with a style of dance referred to as “Drill,” assaults the senses with different elements, as any good Queen song would. Drill is a style of dance that is precise, contains marching, military exercises, and includes aspects of cheer.

The Black Diamonds use their feather fans to take you on a journey during their routine. “Little high, little low,” is accompanied by some fans waving high and others shaking lower. The company “builds” a spiral staircase with just their bodies and orange fans. They create flowers and use other motions, that make this an ecstatic expression of feeling.

Freddy Mercury’s distinct voice provides you with a clue to what choreographed move the group will perform next. The 1975 Queen hit was the perfect choice for these young women. Its musical and lyrical uniqueness ensures the dance team’s performance will feel special and enjoyed by the audience. The Black Diamonds only lost two feathers during their entire routine: oh well, easy come, easy go.