Dancers from 7 Countries Unite for Toe-Tapping Irish Dance Spectacular

Every country has its own dance style, but few are as catchy as Ireland’s. This group of performers decided to bring their own nationalities together in a celebration of Irish music, joining forces in an Irish step dance spectacular.

The dancers in this performance hail from all over: China, Russia, Poland, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, and the UK. The number begins with a lone dancer tapping in a large warehouse room. Six other dancers join in from another location, tapping and leaping to upbeat, percussive music.

Each dancer is given his or her moment in the spotlight before the songs ramps up to the finale, in which nine dancers in matching black suits show off their fancy footwork and tap rapidly in unison.

Irish step dance is a style characterized in part by a stiff upper body and quick foot movements. It has been most famously displayed through “Riverdance,” a theatrical show that swept the world when it premiered in 1995.