Dance teachers smile and swing dance in style

The energy on the dance floor of the Rock That Swing Festival was incredible. Dancers brought their best with big movements, fast feet, and huge smiles through their routines.

Several dance teachers met at the Rock That Swing Festival in Germany to swing dance their hearts away. Pairs of dancers showed off many different styles of swing dancing from slower styles to ones that incorporated complex tricks.

The infectious smile of all the dancers was almost an accessory to their dances as each duo took turns taking the dance floor. It was easy to tell that each pair was having a ton of fun while they showed off their incredible skill.

In terms of actual accessories and outfits, dancers wore classic silhouettes with modern touches. One woman wore a swingy dress in a cheetah print pattern, while her partner donned his tattoos in a short sleeve button up and a newsboy cap.

At one point, a red-headed woman in a blazer and flowy pants ran out to the dance floor all on her own. She presented fast, showy footwork and immense energy in a one-woman routing. The crowd absolutely adored it.

At the end of the individual pair performances, all of the teachers joined each other on the dance floor, keeping their own individual styles. And yes, the red-headed woman continued to impressively dance with herself.

Dance teachers smile and swing dance in style