Daddy-Daughter Duo Sing Heavenly Rendition of “Angel”

When a famous musician puts out a song, it’s bound to get covered by a plethora of singers from all over. A gifted father and his equally talented daughter love to spend time singing renditions of their favorite tunes together.

Adrian and Emma-Jean Galliard may not be as famous as Sarah McLachlan, but they might be after performing a flawless cover of her song “Angel.” The tune is a hauntingly beautiful song that requires a lot of vocal control to be sung well.

Luckily, both Adrian and Emma-Jean have plenty of that and the talent to make it their own. Emma leads as her dad sings the backing harmonies. This is one of those songs that will have you reaching for the tissue box.

Her voice is rich, powerful, and smooth, making it perfect for “Angel.” Her father provides the ideal amount of harmonies and vocal blending that will give you chills. We hope this gifted daddy-daughter duo continues to make beautiful music together.