Get into the Christmas spirit with this daddy and daughter duet

Mat and Savanna Shaw

Mat and Savanna Shaw are a father and daughter singing duo from Utah. The project started as a way for Savanna to connect with her music friends. However, she was shy.

This made her ask her father to sing along with her. After their first performance, “The Prayer,” went viral on social media, they decided to continue on this journey. Since then, the father and daughter duo have gained a significant following.

Mat and Savanna perform a beautiful rendition of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” They sing in a very picturesque scene. The background has all the Christmas items, a lovely Christmas tree, and stockings above an electric fireplace.

Mat and Savanna Shaw

It is lovely to see a father and daughter duo sharing quality time in a mutually loved hobby. As they both sing, they look at each other to give the queue for who has to sing next.

It’s a beautiful little sign of affection as Mat lovingly looks towards Savanna in appreciation. They both end the emotional holiday performance in smiles. Their song has over one hundred thousand views.

In the end, Savanna and Mat share a lovely message with their viewers. They indicate how great it has been for them to learn about holiday traditions around the world.

Mat also gushes about the musical composition of their version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” indicating that the first chord feels like a warm blanket to him. The same can be said for their beautiful singing.

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