Dad Joins Three Girls for Wildly Viral “Git Up Challenge”

With apps like Tik Tok and websites like Youtube, more and more people have been showing off their dance moves. There have been unique dance “challenges” created that are fun for the everyday person to try for themselves.

In early 2020, Johnny got his two daughters and their friend together to participate in the wildly viral “Git Up Challenge.” While the challenge started in the spring of 2019, that didn’t stop this dad from giving it a go with his favorite girls.

Everyone from doctors to celebrities was uploading their attempts at the Git Up Challenge. Johnny wanted to surprise his wife with a video of him, their daughters, and their family friend doing the popular jig.

With just a couple hours to practice the moves, the four-piece nail the challenge. While they may not be professional dancers just yet, we sure love to watch them move. The best part is mom’s surprised look when she got home and saw the video.