Dad And Cat Sing A Duet Of ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’

Chaninho, the cat, is happy, and he sure knows it. In this hilarious video, a man starts singing the Portuguese version of “If You’re Happy And You Know It,” and the cat can’t wait to join in. Although cats typically act like they’re unimpressed by most of what we humans do, this cute little cat is so excited to duet with his master.

Chaninho sings — well, meows — along with the popular children’s song and hits his cue every time. Of course, the cat can’t “clap” to show that he’s happy, so he just meows instead. According to his owner, Chaninho loves music, and after his humans noticed the cat’s love for it, they finally caught it on camera.

How they taught the cat to do this is beyond me, but it’s too cute for words, and this is one talented feline. This might be the best video I’ve seen all week. I can’t stop smiling.

Dad And Cat Sing A Duet Of \'If You\'re Happy and You Know It\'