Crowd Erupts With Excitement Over Live Rendition of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton Duet

When you’re living your life in the limelight, it can hard to make and keep friends. It’s not often you see genuine bonds form between two people in the bright lights of Hollywood, but Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton beat the odds.

Individually, they’ve each had incredibly successful solo careers. With hit songs like “You Can’t Make Old Friends” and “I Will Always Love You,” the two were destined for a life filled with stardom and everything that comes with it.

At a retirement celebration for Rogers, Dolly joined him on stage for a highly-anticipated rendition of their song, “Islands in the Stream.” The 1983 hit is a fan favorite, and the superstars still delivered a flawless performance.

You can’t help but smile from the endless amount of applause and excitement from the audience. Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton shared a beautiful friendship; their classic duet showcased how much they cared for one another.