Couple makes magical music

One of the most influential pieces of classical music gets a mesmerizing re-work from the talented Brooklyn Duo.

The industrial backdrop of this enchanting performance doesn’t do it justice in its looks. However, the reverberation of the music created between the cement pillars does.

The choice Brooklyn Duo made consciously, elevated this already brilliant arrangement made by the pianist Marine Laird and cellist Patrick Laird.

Both excellent musicians, Marine and Patrick gained a following when their cover of Shakira’s song ‘Empire’ gets noticed by Shakira herself. The recognition encouraged them to continue with their work on covers.

And when it comes to covers, why not covering the most covered classical songs of all times, Johann Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’?

The best-known piece is the first part of his ‘Canon and Gigue for 3 violins and basso continuo’ and no one knows exactly with what intention it was written.

The more popular story is that Pachelbel wrote it for the wedding of his student back in 1694. Since it became such a wedding favorite about 300 years, later this one is hard to dispute.

While the piece is incredibly beautiful, the re-work of Brooklyn Duo is simply magical. Walking down the aisle listening to their solemn performance would be a treat for any bride.

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Couple makes magical music