Country Singer Honors Our Fallen Soldiers – And We’re Crying

Arlington National Cemetery is our nation’s largest military burial ground, with nearly 642 acres of land dedicated to our fallen heroes of the past and present. And no musical artist has ever paid tribute to this honored site quite like Trace Adkins in his 2009 music video.

“Arlington” was written by songwriters Dave Turnbull and Jeremy Spillman before the tune was passed along to 90s country superstar Trace Adkins for consideration. Adkins went on to release the single in 2005 as part of his seventh studio album Songs About Me.

The lyrics to this veteran-inspired tribute are especially remarkable because of their authenticity – the story is based on the life of United States Marine Corps Corporal Patrick Nixon, who died while fighting for his country in 2003.

As Adkins puts it best “Arlington” “is not a war song, and it has nothing to do with politics, it is a true story.” And this beautiful music video, with live footage from our nation’s capital and Arlington Cemetery, is something you’ve just got to see.

Country Singer Honors Our Fallen Soldiers - And We’re Crying