Country Singer Delivers Heartwarming Original Song During America’s Got Talent Audition

We all face challenges in life that make us grateful for what we have. The little things aren’t really so small, and it can make a big difference when you start practicing gratitude. A teenager from Utah talks about her experiences before her America’s Got Talent audition.

Kenadi Dodds is not like every other teenager, you know. Her family struggles with an eye disorder that progressively gets worse. Kenadi’s parents and siblings are all blind, but she hasn’t been affected for some strange reason.

The talented young woman used these struggles and put them into her music. When she was younger, her dad would play guitar for her, and she wanted to return the favor. She wrote a tear-jerking song with heartfelt lyrics all about her loving dad.

Kenadi’s voice has a unique sound that has a Taylor Swift twang and the tone of a young Grace VanderWaal. It’s safe to say that the America’s Got Talent judges quickly saw a bright future for Kenadi, and couldn’t wait to send her through to the next round.

Country Singer Delivers Heartwarming Original Song During America\'s Got Talent Audition