Country legend Roy Clark and kid bust out amazing tunes

Roy Clark would always be a delight on Hee Haw. He would have guests on to play excellent renditions of country music staples. Chances are you’ve heard more than one version of the song ‘Orange Blossom Special.’

Image Credit: Madly Odd

But have you ever seen a kid play it on the banjo? Joining Roy Clark for this song is the young Jimmy Henley. Don’t let his age fool you. This kid knows how to play a mean banjo.

The two musicians perform on a stage that looks like a fishing pond. Both Roy and Jimmy are dressed in overalls. Roy plays the fiddle while Jimmy picks the banjo.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

The song starts with Roy delivering a solo. He plays fast and gets the audience excited. They’re already into it, but the best is yet to come.

When Jimmy starts plucking the banjo with great force, the audience cheers once more. Roy plays a character who is astonished at how well this kid can play. It’s a bit that keeps the audience laughing as much as they are in awe.

Roy and Jimmy play together with an energetic song. Not to be outdone by Roy, Jimmy plays a solo that’s just as powerful. He then finishes with another funny face that delights the audience.

Trying to keep up, Roy starts playing faster. He also tries to mimic a train by saying ‘Woo’ into the mic and scratching his violin strings. ‘That’s what a train sounds like,’ he says to the crowd as they laugh.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

The challenge continues as Jimmy jumps into Roy’s solo. Roy makes a silly face of anger as he tries to keep up with him. But it’s Jimmy who finishes out the song with his incredible banjo skills.

As he closes, a stunned Roy is speechless as the crowd goes wild. Jimmy and Roy share a laugh between them.

Hee Haw always had a mixture of comedy and music. This clip is a perfect example of how both can be infused into this legendary show.

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