Cotton Pickin Kids will get you jigging

Prepare to get your toes tapping as the immensely talented Cotton Pickin Kids play their fantastic new song, “Alabama Tornado”.

Bluegrass music is true, homegrown music. It’s great to see talented youngsters like The Cotton Pickin Kids, then, taking such a keen interest in the traditional music genre.

Written by eldest sibling, Savio, “Alabama Tornado” is the band’s latest musical offering. The song has all the siblings taking the reins, each playing a wonderful solo, showing off their skills.

The kids are obviously incredibly gifted and their pleasure in performing is clear as day. Their smiles and whoops of joy really add to the hoedown feel!

Performing is Savio on the mandolin, Thérèse on the fiddle, Cecilia, guitar, Rosalinda, fiddle again, Gianluca pickin’ the banjo, and Giovanni sliding the dobro. Together, creating a really wonderful sound.

Their ability to compose and play songs of this caliber can only mean The Cotton Pickin Kids are destined for greatness, keeping the spirit of bluegrass alive for future generations.

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Cotton Pickin Kids will get you jigging