Cop enjoys freestyle dancing with an elderly woman

It was a heart-melting moment when an officer on her usual patrol decided to join an older woman in her impromptu dance party.

This officer was going about her daily patrol when she came across 92-year-old Millie, who was having a little dance session at her apartment parking lot. The sweet moment where the two were boogying down to some country music was captured on a police car dashcam.

Millie would take daily walks around the neighborhood, and the cop would always wave at her in her patrol car. So, when the officer came across her, it was no surprise she decided to join Millie in her impromptu dance party.

The officer blasted her music, and they danced to the song stay a little longer by Brothers Osborne. It was a sweet moment seeing the two have a good happy time together.

Millie was especially thrilled to have some friendly company that day. And the officer seemed to enjoy the moment too.

With the video having more than 238 000 views, we can say the two aren’t the only ones that enjoyed the impromptu sweet moment.

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Cop enjoys freestyle dancing with an elderly woman