Contestant goes full Willie Nelson with ‘On The Road Again’

Willie Nelson was not present, but we can sense what kind of response he would have, to such an awesome performance.

The teenager gives a new and refreshing sound to country music, one that boasts much-needed talent necessary yet missing in the country music genre today.

It is refreshingly sweet music to our ears, from the sound of the young man’s voice as he recites on the road again, to the swiftness of his guitar-playing skills.

The teenager sound found his mark, with a unique sound and songwriting skills to boot, he is not too far from country music stardom, even with renditions of hit country songs.

Take time to listen and rewind this performance, and you will appreciate the kid’s talent with every listen. He has a knack for guitar-playing too, a well-rounded performer.

The judges could not help but notice and highlight his singing prowess, also pointing out he may be headed ‘on the road’ too if he maintains such awe-inspiring performances.

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Contestant goes full Willie Nelson with ‘On The Road Again’