Close-Knit Father And Son Sing 1974 Sensation ‘Cats In The Cradle’

“Cats In The Cradle” is a song by Harry Chapin, and it has made me cry ever since becoming a parent. It is all about the inevitableness of our children growing up and the impact of the lessons we don’t mean to teach them. It is also a reminder about what is vital in this life. Watching this father and son sing it together is such a poignant moment.

The father sings the song while his son plays the piano. Then the dad picks up his guitar, and they sing the chorus together. The father and son duo are members of the Frye Family Band; in this clip, we see Tom Frye, the father, and his son Jonathon. The band also includes Tom’s daughters, Kaylyn and Maggie, and Maggie’s husband, Seth. Family friend Eric Reynolds is the drummer for the group.

This song has remained relevant since 1974, and various artists have covered it, including Ugly Kid Joe. No matter who sings it, though, it is just sad! This cover by the Frye Family Band was especially moving because a real father and son sang it together. However, if this is your first time hearing it, you might wonder about some of the lyrics. Most of it is self-explanatory, but the younger generation of listeners might need a little help to figure out the chorus.

The lyrics are: “And the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon; ‘Little Boy Blue’ and The Man in the Moon.” The cat’s cradle is an old Yo-Yo trick, and the silver spoon refers to ornamental spoons given to babies as gifts. “Little Boy Blue” is a nursery rhyme, and The Man in the Moon refers to the face children often see when looking at the night sky. They are all things that have to do with childhood and something that parents reminisce on as their children get older.